Shared Host

Дундын сервер

Shared web hosting service refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Hosting or web hosting is what makes your website available on the web.

We suggest you our hosting which is suitable for both basic blog and powerful website.



  • 1 domain
  • ∞ sub-domain
  • ∞ storage
  • ∞ internal bandwith
  • cPanel



  • 5 domain
  • ∞ sub-domain
  • ∞ storage
  • ∞ internal bandwith
  • cPanel


The cheapest price

Unlimited data transfer bandwidth

The latest server hardware and software

Unlimited capacity for file uploading

User friendly management system

Ability for additional services

Frequently asked questions

  • How much is the capacity?

    The capacity is unlimited and node, the number of files, is limited to 200,000.

  • What is the advantage of your shared hosting?

    The server is set up domestically in Mongolia; therefore, it is possible access in the limitless speed.

  • What kind of web site is suitable to be set up on shared hosting?

    On the shared server, many web sites would be set up, and organization’s introduction or small web sites with fewer accesses are suitable.

  • Creating subdomain ?

    Login to Cpanel and create the domain name you want to create from Subdomain menu. In the section “Document Root”, choose from which folder the domain name will operate. Also, depending on the direction of your domain name server, you have to connect to your host through “a record”.

  • Installing WordPress ?

    1stalternative: Login to Cpanel and you can install WordPress from “Wordpress Manager” menu. 2ndalternative: You can download WordPress as a .zip file and extract it in the folder named “Public_html” in “File Manager” menu. Then you can install be ddd ing “Yourdomain/wp-admin”.

  • Creating backup of Cpanel ?

    Log into Cpanel and from “Backup Wizard” menu, you can choose from different kinds of backup solutions. These include: Home directory(backup on main web’s file), MySQL Databases (backup the database), and Email Forwarders (backup all the e-mails in use)

  • Adjusting PHP options ?

    From “Select PHP version” menu, select “Switch ToPHP Options” section and you can adjust according to your desire until php 7.1 and do some add-ons or other adjustments.

System features

Operation system


Web language

Management system