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Best technology solution provider Itools JSC

October 7, 2019

ICT Expo 2019, an annual expo organized from Communications and information technology authority, took place for the 13th consecutive year under the motto ‘Together in Digital Development”.

In this expo, which presents new information technology solutions and products, ITOOLS JSC was awarded as the BEST TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION provider. “Itools Cloud Service” (ICS), the national first cloud-based technology built on Mongolian engineers’ innovation, was launched during the opening ICT Expo 2019. It was a remarkable moment for IT professionals and also a milestone in 98 years of development of contemporary communication and information technology field. This product is a valuable asset as it is simple and easy to use, saves time, has flexible adjustments, and enables costumers to pay by usage.

If you would like to try ICS, please click HERE.

During ICT Expo 2019, ICT Group’s 14 subsidiaries such as Itools JSC, Fibo cloud LLC, Digital Exchange Mongolia LLC and Ideam LLC presented their products and attracted the attention of numerous foreign and domestic customers and showed everyone that IT has become impartible share of our lives. The products of above companies that will bring positive changes to our society are based on a cloud technology; this confirms that we have become a nation wide data center.

Mongolian Geographical Information System, developed by ICT Group, was inarguably a remarkable product among others. This product is a solution to many problems faced by Mongolian citizens and a society as a whole. City infrastructure and addressing system in ger district is not the best in Mongolia. This leads not only tourists, but also city dwellers to get lost in Ulaanbaatar city; inaccurate cadastral map has become our daily problem. Even unfortunately, ambulance cars and emergency cars fail to reach their destination on time. With the help of this technology solution, the location of the emergency number 103 caller would be determined promptly. It also can help solve traffic jam issue by determining the traffic center through geographical information system and suggest accurate spots to locate more traffic signs and lights. Moreover, it can be used to structure more systematic city planning.

We cannot leave out Mongolian first block-chain based application, which enables customers to lend money between each other, “Zeel” application. Using this online loaning platform made for smartphone users, customers can lend and loan up to MNT 10 million with 1-2% interest rate without mortgage. It is distinct from other mortgage-free online loaner applications by its possibility to loan from customer to customer. Customers just need to sign an e-contract to do this. E-contract and “Zeel” application are free from cyber attack and information leakage as they are based on block-chain technology. This product has aimed to satisfy customers’ financial demands with online loaning without any involvement of the third parties such as banks, nonbank financial institutions and loan sharks. “Zeel” application offers less interest rate and reliable options. In other words, Mongolian most citizens can become an online lender using this application. Lastly, “Itools” JSC is contributing to the development of Mongolia by providing reliable and unceasing operation of all above products.