Мэдээ мэдээлэл

Established partnership with “NEST” education high school.

September 23, 2019

“Itools” JSC has established long-term “Strategic Partnership” with “Nest” education high school with intensive tutoring in information technology. In this era of fast paced information technology advancement, everything is changing fast and getting better and better. A major exemplary is inarguably technological development. Today, the 21st century has become an era of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The fact that everything around us is connected to this sector shows us there is a strong demand of IT personnel.

Every mongolian’s wish is to jointly create opportunities for mongolia to keep pace with the world.

In reference to the contract of this long-tem “Strategic Partnership”, “Itools” JSC will put effort to increase people’s knowledge about IT and implement cooperative programs to inform public about it. Also, “Itools” JSC will provide the students with necessary technology, software programs and services, and host IT competitions to explore teenagers who are interested in this field, grant scholarships, offer internships, and so forth offer job positions for outstanding graduates.

Also in respect of this partnership, the fact that Mongolian intelligence is being exported abroad makes valuable contribution to Mongolian Information Technology Field and gives us an opportunity to significantly broaden our cooperation in the future.