Domain Policy


1.1 Registration of the domain name shall be subject to renewal, suspension, cancellation, dispute resolution, and transfer pursuant to MN Domain Name Registry, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) or government-adopted policy.

1.2 This procedure is subject to ICANN’s standards and procedures.


2.1 Domain name registration is open to all qualified Registrants, on a non-discriminatory, first-come, first-served basis.


3.1 The domain name must consist of characters A-Z and a-z, the numbers 0-9 and the dash (“-“).

3.2 Domain name length must be more than 3 and up to 63.

3.3 The first and last character of the Domain Name must be either a character or a number.

3.4 Registered domain name can be modified with additional fees within 72 hours. Domain name can not be modified after that period.

3.5 A domain name may be registered for active use (Domain delegation) or for inactive use (for reserve Domain Name).


4.1 A reseller is a registrator who have certified for domain registration.


5.1 In case of registration requests through resellers, applicant shall pay the fees to reseller.

5.2 The registration will be activated after reseller confirms the registration and pays required fees.

5.3 Registration fee cannot charge back. Domain name is usable for the paid period of time in accordance with this agreement.


6.1 The registrant has the right of registration renewal of that domain name within its expiration date


7.1 Below conditions must be met:

7.1.1 Mongolian citizen (over the age of 18 years);

7.1.2 A legally recognized entity of Mongolia;

7.1.3 Foreign-invested enterprise;


8.1 Registrator fill in registrant’s client area email address. As part of the registration process, Registrants shall provide following informations:

8.1.1 Legally recognized first and last name;

8.1.2 Date of birth (publicly invisible);

8.1.3 Registration number or citizenship identity (publicly invisible);

8.1.4 Address;

8.1.5 Post code;

8.1.6 Telephone and fax number;

8.1.7 E-mail address;

8.1.8 Registrants must notify that others / person or legal entity / representative;

8.1.9 Working telephone and fax numbers for the Registrant, including country code and area code and proper extension;

8.2 Entity (such as a corporation, NGO or Government organization) user must provide following information to registrator:

8.2.1 Legal name;

8.2.2 CEO full name;

8.2.3 Entity valid address;

8.2.4 Entity registration number;

8.2.5 Хуулийн этгээдийн улсын бүртгэлийн гэрчилгээний хуулбар (шаардлагатай тохиолдолд);

8.2.6 Telephone and fax number;

8.2.7 E-mail address;;


9.1 Registrants are required to provide Registry certain information (section 8) and to update promptly as such information changes in order to keep records current, complete and accurate. If at anytime the Registry becomes aware that the Registrant Information is false or inaccurate, the Registry reserves the right to place that Domain Name on hold or cancel the registration without notification and without refund to the Registrant.


10.1 All Domain Names are registered for a limited period (1-10 years).

10.2 Domain name service will defined by payment period.

10.3 In case of registrant did not pay within expiration date, registrant will allow other regitrators to register that domain name.


11.1 Registrant agrees to pay Registry/Registrar the applicable service(s) fees.

11.2 Domain name fee will be calculated for 1-10 years. See one year fee from domain name pricing table.

11.3 In order to renew or restore expired domain name, additional fee will be added to domain name annual renewal fee. Redemption period is a period of 30 days after domain name expiration date.


12.1 The Registrant reserves the right to modify or to make additions to the DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION POLICIES at any time and treat all new policies retroactively. After modified policies added to registrant’s website, it will become valid after 10 days. Registrants should review the DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION POLICIES from time to time, as Registrants are bound to them, and to any modifications thereto which are published via web page.

12.2 If the registrant would not respond by writing to modifications of the policies and domain name registration agreement within the period specified in section 12.1, modification of the policies shall be agreed.


13.1 Registrant must agree that the Registrant Information could be made openly available to the public by registering the information in the WHOIS( database. The intent of this publication is among other things to assist in resolving Internet domain name system related problems only.

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